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IQ Tools
Provide a set of tools to generate reports capturing the state of a server.
This is written in powershell to allow easy modification / update of the scripts

This project is currently in its version 2.0 the goal is to provide a set of small tools, allowing to
capture a state of a (window) server.

Among the information, we want CPU/Memory/software installed and some data coming from text or XML files.
The tool allow also to capture the content of some key files (configuration, license, documentation, ..) and to extract content from these files.

The tools allow also to compare (diff) two results file in order to display a diff.
This can be use to
* to ensure a server is in a know state,
* to ensure a farm of server are similar
* to ensure a server did not change since a reference state
* ....

You can find output example in the documentation section

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